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Foxy Foo Foo

Foxy Foo Foo

Chief Cuddle Officer, BA in HUGS  |  3 years 2 months

Hands up for cuddles!

Wons Ung

Wons Ung

Director, Residential Building Certifier  |  3 years 2 months

Exciting times ahead… It’s been a wild ride for me, 15+ years in the building game from carpenter to estimator to building regulator and now building certifier. It was a long winding road, but not one without its purpose… after all those years studying the BCA it’s finally culminated in the launch of this company. I’ve worked with a number of building certifiers before, but I’ve always felt that there was much the industry needed to improve on, whether it be the user/client experience, the level or lack of customer service, the inability to fight back bad regulation, and even the snail pace uptake of technology. There was always something niggling away at me so much so that I finally made the plunge to put my money where my mouth is. So here’s a toast to Agile Approvals.

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